acoustic insulation

Tecsound® is a Mass Loaded Polymeric acoustic barrier, that is superior to Mass loaded Vinyl acoustic products.

Texsa Tecsound® is a high-density, polymer-based, synthetic soundproofing membrane, which provides outstanding acoustic insulation against airborne, impact and rain noise in new construction and refurbishing work. 

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TECSOUND Soundproofing Membrane

Product Guide Applications  
Synthetic soundproofing membrane
  • Lightweight metal
  • Wooden roofs and floors 
Tecsound High Density Soundproof membrane 
Tecsound® SY
Self adhesive synthetic
soundproofing membrane 

  • Gypsum board partitions and ceilings
  • Facades
  • Metal Panels
 Tecsound SY Synthetic soundproofing membrane
Tecsound® FT
Soundproofing material
  • Ceilings, floors and refubishing walls
Tecsound FT soundproofing membrane 
Tecsound® 2FT
Soundproofing material 
  • Cavity walls
Tecsound 2FT soundproofing synthetic membrane 
Tecsound® FT 55 AL
Soundproofing material  
  • Drainpipes, conducts, engines
 Tecsound FT 55 AL soundproofing membrane with aluminium foil
Tecsound® S Band
Self adhesive soundproofing band
  • Damping of metallic structures
  • Sealing of joints and overlaps


Tecsound S Band Synthetic membrane soundproofing tape 

 Proctor Q- Silence  

  Soundproofing material

  • Laid under-slab, Proctor Q-Silence reduces noise from impact and foot traffic for all types of floor surfaces including ceramic tiles, timber, parquetry and carpet.

DCTech URSAcoustic

  • Glass mineral wool rolled panel, faced by one side by a reinforced glass veil.
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