DCTech URSAcoustic


We all want to feel cosily warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.  DCTech URSACOUSTIC MINERAL WOOL helps make this possible.

DCTech URSACOUSTIC MINERAL WOOL is a high-quality and cost-effective mineral wool with outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

DCTech URSACOUSTIC  MINERAL WOOL is also extraordinarily fire resistant, making it ideal for safe thermal and sound insulation of pitch roofs, partitions, external walls and ceiling.

DCTech URSACOUSTIC MINERAL WOOL ranks among the top insulation materials in terms of their respect and protection of the environment. The energy savings generated by DCTech URSACOUSTIC MINERAL WOOL products in their end application far outweigh the energy required for their production, transport and installation; therefore DCTech URSACOUSTIC MINERAL WOOL presents a most positive energy and environmental balance.

Suggested applications

Acoustic insulation for partitions or party walls made of gypsum boards or masonry.

Other possible applications

Thermal insulation of ceilings and walls


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  DCTech URSAcoustic 

 DCTech URSAcoustic

 Technical Data

Product Name: DCTech URSAcoustic
Product Description: Glass mineral wool rolled panel, faced by one side by a reinforced glass veil.

Product code:
Thermal conductivity 90/90) :

DCTech URSAcoustic
0.040 W/mk 

Presentation and storage

Thickness (mm) Width (mm ) Length (mm ) Thermal resistance
30 1.200 18.000 0.75
45 1.200 16.200 1.10
45 600 16.200 1.10
45 400 16.200 1.10
60 1.200 12.000 1.50
70 600 10.000 1.75
85 600 9.000 2.10

DCTech URSAcoustic

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