The Zero Carbon Challenge House with TS4 Architects Adelaide
August 2, 2013

Dynamic Composite Technologies (DCTech) are proud to be part of the zero carbon high performance housing project in Adelaide. Working closely with TS4 Architects, DCTech designed a system solution for the external walls to achieve the very best in thermal performance and energy efficiency at a competitive price.  

TS4 Architects specified DOW Styrofoam™ 40mm SMTG extruded polystyrene rigid insulation boards. Supplied by DCTech, these lightweight, high-density foam boards were placed on the outside of the timber structure ready for an external render to be applied. The tongue and grooved edging of the Dow Styrofoam™ boards lock together to prevent moisture passing through the joints and eliminates the dangers of thermal bridging, ensuring that the house stays warm in winter and cool in summer.  

With long term retained R-values, very low water absorption, low susceptibility to rot, mould or fungal growth, Dow Styrofoam™ SMTG 40mm achieves a higher R rating when compared to bulkier insulation and is backed with a 20 year thermal warranty by Dow Chemicals. With a 60 year history, Dow Styrofoam™ gives you peace of mind with its proven performance and longevity.

DCTech has a total systems solution for all commercial and residential roofs, walls and flooring applications.

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