Tecsound® is a high-density, polymer-based asphalt-free synthetic soundproofing membrane, which is viscoelastic and highly adaptable, and provides good acoustic insulation in the different construction elements without increasing thickness. 


  • Airborne noise insulation in vertical surfaces with low surface mass (lightweight partitions or panels in various materials)
  • Airborne noise insulation in ceilings and roofs
  • Reduction of impact noise level in all types of frameworks, information of floating floors
  • Damping of impact noise produced by atmospheric agents in metals roofs  
  • In combination with sound-absorbent materials, it results in products with high acoustic performance characteristics
  • Its applications in the industrial sector range from soundproofing booths to insulation of machine rooms, drainpipes, acoustic damping of metal sheets etc.,


  • High acoustic insulation, combined with flexion-pliable elements (sheet plaster, carrier board)
  • Flexible
  • High elongation capacity
  • Easy to handle and adaptable to uneven surfaces
  • Hot and cold-resistant
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent ageing-resistance
  • Rot-proof

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Tecsound High Density Soundproof membrane



 Technical Data

Product Name: Tecsound®
Product Description: High density, polymer-based, synthetic soundproofing membrane, asphalt-free, with provides good acoustic insulation in the different construction elements. 

Product code:
Tensile strength:
Crushing strength:

2.0 kg/cm³
Does not break when bent at -20°C
30 N/cm²
4.84 kg/cm²

Presentation and storage

Type kg/m² Thickness (mm) Presentation
Tecsound 35 3.5 1.75 8m x 1.22m roll
Tecsound 50 5 2.5 6m x 1.22m roll
Tecsound 70 7 3.5 5m x 1.22m roll
Tecsound 100 10 5 4m x 1.2m roll


Soundproof Booth Build - Portable DIY Isolation Booth


Acoustic Membrane Insulation 

Download or print Tecsound SY Data Sheet

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